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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Pigeons friend or foe ?

Pigeons are everywhere and can be one of mans worst nightmare.pigeons have lived among humans for thousands of years. Some people love them they keep them as pets and train them while other people dispise them and go out of their way to harm and even kill them. Pigeons have become dependent on humans as...
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Beaver Removal

Beavers are the industrial engineers of the wildlife. These amazing animals can build a damn and block a creek or river in a matter of a couple days and can rebuild a damaged dam overnight. The American beaver flourished in east Tennessee in the early days but due to the high demand for their fur...
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Learning to live with coyotes

Growing up in Powell a small rural community just outside Knoxville Tennessee the thought of having coyotes around was as far fetched as having elephants running around. Fast forward 30 plus years and the chance of seeing a coyote in both rural and urban communities in...
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