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A day in the life of Wildlife Control

As you go about your day and as most of us its so hectic you feel like your in the middle of a tornado that has no intention of ever stopping, the last thing you need is a wild animal thrown in that tornado tied to your leg ! Almost every client I go to tells me the same thing “I never knew there were companies like you out there” well yes A Classic Wildlife Control is here to help the Residential and Commercial people of East Tennessee remove and prevent any nuisance wildlife issue and have been for 8 years. You may ask just what a day in the life of a Nuisance Wildlife Control operator is like, well Ill try to give you a little glance but as all wildlife are unpredictable we never have the same day twice. Let me start by saying I love my job and as I like to say “My way of life” because I really don’t see it as a job. Most people assume that all we do is come out throw a trap down and wait till the animal gets caught then come back and remove it, I wish it was that simple. I hear often “Oh I didn’t know there was that much of a demand for wildlife removal”  As for the demand, as our community grows so does the need for Wildlife Control as we are  taking there homes from them. And for throwing down a trap its far from that. In Animal Control we have to wear many hats. It all starts with the phone call, when someone discovers they have a nuisance wildlife issue they will call the dispatch office at A Classic Wildlife Control and we will schedule an appointment to do an inspection. Once the technician gets onsite he becomes a investigator, he will inspect the structure to determine exactly which type of animal they are dealing with. He looks for the entry point and then he looks for evidence of the animal such as feces then he becomes a scatologist to determine what animal the feces came from, he also becomes a Ethologist as he has to continually study animal behavior as all wildlife are different and unpredictable. Once he determines the species he is dealing with he has to come up with a plan of action to remove the animal as different animals require different traps and different baits. After he removes the animals he then has to become a general contractor and seal up the structure to prevent animals from being able to gain access back in. He then becomes the janitor as he will need to clean up the damage that the animals left behind. So as you can see it is not as simple as throwing a trap down and removing the animal but if you find yourself in need of Wildlife Removal call A Classic Wildlife Control for professional animal control …. Dependable Service, Old Time Values

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