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Beaver Removal

Beavers are the industrial engineers of the wildlife. These amazing animals can build a damn and block a creek or river in a matter of a couple days and can rebuild a damaged dam overnight. The American beaver flourished in east Tennessee in the early days but due to the high demand for their fur and high amount of money paid for their hiss the beaver was almost extinct in this area. Several years government department of fish and game reintroduced the species to east Tennessee and now they have rebounded to a abundance in almost every county.

Beavers are one of few animals that will mate for life, once a male and female pair up they will build a dam in the creek, river, lake and even spring fed ponds allowing the waterway to back up and flood the area it has chosen to call home. Beavers will then build a hut usually in the center of the flooded area to call it’s home. Beavers  will mark their territory using a glad secretion called castor, that will tell other beavers  that is their home. The flooding that the beavers  cause will produce wetlands that often ruin valuable cropland and even wash out roadways causing millions of dollars damage every year.

The only way to correctly solve this problem is to contact a professional company to trap and remove the problem beaver/beavers and to breakdown and remove the dam allowing the waterway to go back to its original flow. Trying to solve this issue can result in injury to yourself and can cause damage to property downstream when dam is removed. The dams also harbor other wildlife such as venomous snakes. Flooded areas will also bring in other predators such as raccoons and coyote’s. A Classic Wildlife Control has trained technicians and the most up to date technology to resolve your nuisance beaver removal so call us today.

beaver trapped and removed from yard


  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting information on beavers.
    • Mrs Johnson thank you for reading our blogs and I hope you will continue to check back often to read more.it is our pleasure to share our knowledge with others, the best prevention for nuisance wildlife issues is education of the species.

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