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Category Archives: Beaver Removal

Pest Control, A Classic Wildlife Control

At some point every person in the United States will have a need for Pest Control, the question is ' What is Pest " ? A pest by definition is - A destructive insect or other animal that is detrimental to humans or human concerns that cause a nuisance. In most states Pest Control is...
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Beaver Removal

Beavers are the industrial engineers of the wildlife. These amazing animals can build a damn and block a creek or river in a matter of a couple days and can rebuild a damaged dam overnight. The American beaver flourished in east Tennessee in the early days but due to the high demand for their fur...
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Needing Beaver Removal ?

Beavers are the engineers of the wildlife. Beavers will dam up streams, creeks and waterways causing them to flood the area becoming wetlands and flooding out roadways. Beavers ability to change the landscape is second only to humans. Beaver trapping is the best method of resolving that issue. Amazing animals Beavers are one of the...
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