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Category Archives: Health

Nuisance wildlife and Pet safety

There is nothing more relaxing than a quit evening at home with your family and in most homes today family includes Fido and tiger your Pet dog and cat. The saying mans best friend is your dog reins true in East Tennessee and the family cat Tiger is just as common. Your pet both dog...
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Pest Control, A Classic Wildlife Control

At some point every person in the United States will have a need for Pest Control, the question is ' What is Pest " ? A pest by definition is - A destructive insect or other animal that is detrimental to humans or human concerns that cause a nuisance. In most states Pest Control is...
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Learning to live with coyotes

Growing up in Powell a small rural community just outside Knoxville Tennessee the thought of having coyotes around was as far fetched as having elephants running around. Fast forward 30 plus years and the chance of seeing a coyote in both rural and urban communities in...
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Cold Weather Wildlife Removal

During extreme weather as most of us are experiencing now most wildlife will hunker down conserving energy and staying warm. Sometimes wildlife will stay inactive for several days until the weather improves before they get active and come out. Often when nuisance wildlife seek shelter in a structure they can do extreme amounts of damage...
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