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critter control

In the field of Nuisance Wildlife Control there are several different verbiage that is used when referring to damage wildlife control, Pest Control, Varmit  getter, Critter Getter, Animal Control, Wildlife Control, Wildlife Wrangler and yes Critter Control. No matter what you prefer to call it when you have a wild animal damaging your property or a...
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Pest Control, A Classic Wildlife Control

At some point every person in the United States will have a need for Pest Control, the question is ' What is Pest " ? A pest by definition is - A destructive insect or other animal that is detrimental to humans or human concerns that cause a nuisance. In most states Pest Control is...
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Colder weather more wildlife activity

Its that time of year again for our industry, Fall and winter mean an increase in Nuisance wildlife issues. Calls from both Commercial and Residential will increase tremendously....
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Mice the never ending population of 1 species of rodents. There are hundreds of types of mice which are part of the rodent family. They have been divided into subspecies of Old World and New world species, some of the more common species include house mouse, deer mouse, field mouse, wood mouse, spiny mouse and...
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