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Learning to live with coyotes

Growing up in Powell a small rural community just outside Knoxville Tennessee the thought of having coyotes around was as far fetched as having elephants running around. Fast forward 30 plus years and the chance of seeing a coyote in both rural and urban communities in Knoxville and East Tennessee is as common as seeing a McDonald’s on just about every corner.

Coyote’s have been migrating from the western United States for years and now have made their presence known in east Tennessee in abundance. It is very common to see them in subdivisions, shopping centers and commercial business district’s. Known as urbanized nuisance wildlife, coyote’s have learned it is easier to survive in urban areas than it is in the wild. With most litters being raised in these areas they have lost their fear of human contact. Pet food, garbage cans, dumpsters and landfills along with ample areas to find shelter and make dens have made it an ideal environment for them to live. Typically coyote’s will feed on rodents, rabbits other small game along with berries, but urbanized coyote’s have found that small dogs and cats are an easy food source and an ample supply. Attacks on humans are very rare but taking a pet on a long lease with the pets owner close by is not unheard of.

Coyote’s are nocturnal predators and hunt from sunset to sunrise, but seeing a coyote during daylight hours is common. In today’s society we will have to learn to live with coyote’s but some education of them and elimating their food source will greatly help both humans and coyote’s coexist. Keeping small pets indoors as much as possible, removing pet food from outside at night and if talking small pets outside at night with a short lease will help keep them away. If you are seeing a lose of pets around you or are seeing a larger number of coyote’s call A Classic Wildlife Control,  we have trained professionals to help you remove the nuisance wildlife


  1. After reading your blog on coyotes, I was wondering if you have known of any being in the North Knoxville area.
    • Thank you for reading our blog Mrs Johnson and yes at this time coyote's are in almost all areas of knoxville and knox co. North Knoxville has a healthy population of coyote's if you ever need our help please call and we will be happy yo help, once again thank you and please check back often to read more of our blogs

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