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critter control

In the field of Nuisance Wildlife Control there are several different verbiage that is used when referring to damage wildlife control, Pest Control, Varmit  getter, Critter Getter, Animal Control, Wildlife Control, Wildlife Wrangler and yes Critter Control. No matter what you prefer to call it when you have a wild animal damaging your property or a threat to you, your family or your employees we here at A Classic Wildlife Control are ready willing and able to quickly come to your rescue ! Critter Control is only a small part of what we do. A Classic Wildlife Control will control your Nuisance Wildlife, humanely trap and remove your nuisance wildlife, seal all potential entry points on your structure, clean up anything they have left behind that could transmit Disease and repair any Damage they may have left behind. We deal with animals such as Raccoon, Coyote ,Beaver, Squirrel, Skunk ,Flying Squirrels, Snakes, Opossum, Rat Mice, Fox, and even Bats Most people do not even know companies like A Classic Wildlife Control exist until they hear noises or see the animal first hand and usually in a panic they need someone there immediately, well here we are, yes we do exist and are ready to help you resolve your human/wildlife conflict. Commercial or Residential  we are fully licensed and insured highly trained technicians using the most advanced technical equipment. Our professional staff can handle any nuisance wildlife issue you have. Our mission at A Classic Wildlife Control is Dependable Service, Old Time Values and that is the way we intend to treat ever customer. So if you find yourself needing Critter Control or any other name you may want to call your Nuisance Wildlife issue then we are here waiting for your call during normal business hours or if its 2:00 am we have 24 hour emergency service for you.  

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