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Nuisance wildlife and Pet safety

There is nothing more relaxing than a quit evening at home with your family and in most homes today family includes Fido and tiger your Pet dog and cat. The saying mans best friend is your dog reins true in East Tennessee and the family cat Tiger is just as common. Your pet both dog and cat is as much a part of your family as your on born children, and with that comes protecting and taking care of them. In East Tennessee as well as other towns it is continuing to grow and expand. Growth of communities is always a good thing but along with that growth we have to adapt to our changing environment. When undeveloped land and woodland is cleared and converted into subdivisions and business the wildlife that once called that home are now forced to find new homes and adapt to human encroachment, that is everything from Rats , Raccoons , Snakes , Groundhogs , Starlings , Skunks , Coyotes , Beaver , Bats , Grey Squirrels , Flying Squirrels and more. The wildlife now have to adapt and make new homes and with the way all Residential and Commercial buildings are built there are many areas that these animals can gain access into that structure and make a new home to live and raise their babies. Once this happens they become Nuisance Wildlife and you will need professional Wildlife Removal . Not including all the structural  damage these wild animals will do to your home or business they also will bring a host of virus and disease that can passed to you or your family, and even easier can be passed on to your family pet so a little knowledge on Nuisance Wildlife and Pet Safety will not only help your family but also the Family Pet that you love so much. Virus and Disease can be spread through many different ways, direct contact with the Nuisance Wildlife , through their feces and salvia and can even be spread through fleas that the animal brought in. Zoonotic Diseases can range from Rabies , Anthrax , Avian Influenza , Salmonella , Histoplasmosis , Leptospirosis , Hantavirus and more. When taking your pet outside always have it on a short leash and refrain from taking out at night or early morning. Coyotes typically hunt during those hours and Skunks  are nocturnal animals and will feed then. If the Nuisance Wildlife are in your home you will need to call A Classic Wildlife Control  as we will remove the wild animal, seal the home to prevent reentry and do a through cleanup and disinfectant. Nuisance Wildlife and Pet Safety is a very important issue that we all need to address and combat. Dependable Service, Old Time Values

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