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Wildlife Removal

If you live in or own a business in East Tennessee at some point if not already you will have a need for Wildlife Removal As our community grows the Wildlife both native and non native species that call this home have found that they are losing their habitat’s that they once had their home and raised their families being taken away by subdivisions, stripmalls and industrial business. It is documented that for every lot cleared for a home their were up to 60 animals that lived on that lot, now have to find a new home often that new home is in the attic or crawlspace of your home or business. Now that these Rats Bats Birds Squirrels Flying Squirrels Raccoons Skunks Snakes Opossums Groundhog and more have found their way into your home or business they will do a lot of damage to that structure, bring virus and disease into it that could infect your family, your pets, your employees or customers. They can even cause fires and floods or even die themselves inside. At A Classic Wildlife Control we have fully trained staff and the most advanced equipment and methods to handle all your Wildlife Removal needs, most people assume that you just set a trap catch the animal take it away and your problem is solved. Its not that simple, you must first be able to identify the correct species of animals you have, find the entry and all potential entry points and seal them to prevent any future animal infestation and them clean up and repair all damage caused from those animals. All animals communicate through their scent marking and just removing a animal will not stop the problem it will only put a bandaid over the issue. Calling a professional company such as A Classic Wildlife Control will give you a permanent solution and a peace of mind that your home or business is safe. Dependable Service, Old Time Values is what you will receive from A Classic Wildlife Control we are fully licensed and insured, you will always be in the hands of fully trained technicians that are friendly and professional.

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